Universal Fitness™ Power Bands 2.0

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Upgrade Workout Routines To The Next Level With The New And Improved, Portable Gym Equipment, Power Bands 2.0

Our upgraded Power Bands are designed with new color hues, and high-grade materials made to withstand snapping, tearing, and drying out. For our latest version, we added a free door anchor to the set and increased the resistance capacity to each of the bands.

Bring The Power Bands Anywhere:
Training outside of the gym like at home or at the park has never been this effective and efficient! Power Bands is the answer when it comes to training core, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs! 

Multi-Purpose Workout Equipment: The versatility that the Power Bands provides, is why it's one of the only workout tools that can train most muscle groups from head to toe.

Unlock A Wide Range Of Workouts: There are over 150 different exercises that one can do with the Power Bands. Simply connect the multiple bands together for a combined resistance up to 100 lbs for the ultimate workout.
resistance band exercises R
ecommended By Orthopedist And Therapists: They're often used in physical therapy due to the force being dispersed all over the joints, versus one central point. 

Quicker Recovery: The elasticity of the bands reduces the chance for injury, while still providing stimulus to the muscles, and blood circulation throughout the body. 

Improve Flexibility And Mobility: Stretching with the Power Bands requires balance and stabilization which can help a person unlock their full range of motion to get the most return out of their workouts. 

stretching resistance bands demo

Improve Posture: Doing certain stretches such as "bands shoulder pull apart", can help strengthen our external rotator cuffs, which can improve posture and reduce slouching. 

For Beginners To Experts: Achieve similar results that traditional weights provide when it comes to building muscle, by gradually adding resistance over time! The best part is that they're so portable and easy to set up, anyone is capable of getting a quick workout in.

As an extra bonus, a person can further expand their arsenal of workout exercises, by incorporating a variety of additional core, leg, and upper body exercises with the Universal Fitness™ Power Bands Pro.resistance flat band strength levels

5 Bands of Varying Strength Levels: Yellow (10 lbs), Red (15 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (25 lbs), Black (30 lbs). 

Combine The Bands Together For Extra Tension: Utilize the clipping system to connect the multiple bands together for a combined resistance of up to 100 lbs

resistance bands capacity

Premium Quality & Strength: Each band is designed with multiple layers of thick, high quality, elastic silicon to prevent snapping and drying out. 

Free Accessories

  • 2 ankle straps
  • 2 anti-slip, soft-grip handles
  • 5 strap covers
  • 1 carrying bag
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 quick-start exercise guide 

door anchor

Power Bands will help a person achieve their fitness goals, whether it is training to build mass with lower reps and heavier weight, or become more toned with higher reps and lighter weight, multi-bands will get the job done.

A small sample of the potential, various exercises that people can do with Power Bands 

chest resistance band exercises

arms resistance band exercises

abs resistance band exercises

legs resistance band exercises

Note: Due to an unexpected influx of high demand, there’s a low supply of the Universal Fitness™ Power Bands remaining since most gyms are closed. Grab a pair now before they get sold out! 

Portable: Since the Bands are a light and compact, easily carry the bands in small compartments for efficient workouts.

Simple Set-Up: There is no need for installation like traditional machines at the gym required. Simply pull out the bands and start getting reps in. 

Work out Anywhere, Anytime: Need to get a quick workout in with a short amount of time? No problem! Pull out the bands for a speedy workout and feel the pump instantly.

The steady stabilization required to perform the lift, activates more muscle groups for the same effort. Take the bands anywhere and everywhere due to its accessible portability.


Q: Can the Power Bands replace Traditional Gym Equipment?

A: The Power Bands can be a supreme substitute to the gym, considering that a person can do over 150 different muscle stimulating exercises with them. 

Q: Will I get a Sufficient Workout With Them?

A: The Power Bands can hit all muscle groups from head to toe, while providing the sufficient resistance needed to push a person past their limits for muscle growth. Since the Power Bands require stabilization, extra force is required to re-align them back to center position, causing peak contractions to hit harder. 

Q: What else could the Power Bands do?  

A: Power bands are also an excellent stretching tool to build flexibility and mobility with. Stretching is an essential part of every workout routine, since it is necessary to warm up the muscles, and unleash a person’s full range of motion for the complete workout. 

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Our premium quality bands are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. Please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied with the Universal Fitness Power Bands. Inquiries will be responded to in a timely manner, to address any issues or concerns that you may have, such as sending replacement bands or refunds.

Total customer satisfaction is of significant importance to us, so please get in touch with our US-based customer service team via our contact page, and we will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you!

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