Workout Lifestyle

Why gym?

Keep your body in a physically healthy shape all year long. Your body will thank you in the future for it. Build a strong immune system, by working out and eating right. The most important thing that we can improve in our lives is our bodies. We only get one body and one mind. Aim to treat it right. 

Having a better physique can help increase overall attractiveness. This can help you out in many aspects of your life, regarding good first impressions when meeting new people at school, jobs, networking events, or business. People will subconsciously give you more respect without even realizing it. 

To not only look better, but physically feel better everywhere you go. Feeling better in one aspect of your life, can translate in confidence to other areas of your life.

Girl working out hard

Working out can also be quite the stress reliever. Many people have felt more energy after a workout. There is actually a biological process that happens after going to the gym, that releases endorphins in your brain afterwards, which allows you to experience a similar feeling of happiness after a dopamine rush. 

Working towards a fitness goal can help you get a routine to become disciplined. Just like waking up in the morning to make your bed, getting into a routine of working out builds self discipline in one area of your life, which could translate to others. 

But first, one should always stretch before a workout 

Why Stretch?

Stretching is an excellent way to warm up tight muscles and loosen them before workouts to reduce risk for injury. Being more flexible will help a person build more strength and mass in the long run. 

This is due to the fact that becoming more flexible allows our body to move through the full range of motion, without the unnecessary extra strain on our joints or ligaments. 

Becoming more flexible is great for improving blood circulation, mobility, and balance. It is also proven to help with poor posture and relax muscle tension.

girl stretching