Resistance Bands Exercises

Resistance bands are multi-purpose tools that people can use to achieve their fitness goals

Upgrade equipment with resistance bands

Workouts with resistance bands attached to the equipment allows for increased muscle activation to build more strength and muscle mass.

Workouts such as the bench press combined with resistance bands attached to the dumb bells, causes the movement to go from a linear movement, to a curved movement for more chest muscle activation. 

Usually pushing the dumbbell up is difficult, but once you get to the top, where your elbow extends pass 60 degrees, the workout becomes easier. But with the PowerBands' curved movement and extra resistance, the concentric movement at the top, stays challenging, allowing for a superior exercise. 

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Can also provide assistance with pull ups

Not only does PowerBands provide resistance, but person could also use the PowerBands under their feet to assist them with pull ups. Attach the resistance on the pull up bar, place your feet at the bottom of the bands, and then do the pull ups as usual. 

PowerBands Exercises 

There are a variety of stretches that one can do, such as over and back stretches, serratus punches, and side leg raises. Workouts like hip hinges can help reduce future knee injuries, while strengthening the glutes.

Band shoulder pull apart, overhead back raises, and face pulls can help work out the entire upper back, since it utilizes the external rotator cuffs to help improve flexibility in the shoulders.

Combining these stretches with workouts, not only build muscle, but can help a person improve their mobility and flexibility. Traditional workouts, such as side lateral raise, curls, chest press, shoulder press, squats, calf raises, and lateral band walk, are all possible with the PowerBands to achieve most fitness goals. 

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