Why Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are great multi-purpose workout tools that allow people to essentially bring the whole gym to them. 

Bring The Gym Anywhere

Since the PowerBands are portable, lightweight, and compact, anyone can get their daily workout in, virtually anywhere and everywhere that's socially acceptable.

It doesn't matter if you are outside of the house, at the gym, beach, park, inside the house, on top of the roof, etc. Easily pack the PowerBands in a backpack, small gym bag, or luggage, and you will be able to workout at your preferred place of choice

Each set also comes with a door attachment that allows users to connect the bands to their door for concentric pulling workouts such as rows.

Train Full Body Muscle Groups 

Resistance bands can hit most of the muscle groups on the body. There are so many variations of exercises that target different muscle groups, the possibilities are endless.

Setting up the portable gym equipment, where you can work out arms, chest, legs, and core, has never been this simple and efficient.

Adjust the amount of resistances of the cables for heavier weight, low rep workouts to build mass, or lower the weight for higher rep, lighter weight workouts to build tone.

If you desire to expand the various types of exercises even further, attach the PowerBands to various objects or structures such as doors, trees, poles, or pull up bars. 

pull up guy

Reduce Risk Of Injury

Many physical therapy practices utilize the bands to help the person gradually get back into an active lifestyle, while reducing risk for injury. A study conducted by the Journal of Physical Therapy proposes that resistance bands can aid with mobility and balance issues, which is a massive benefit especially for elderly people.   

The joints in the body feel less strained, due to the force being dispersed all over the joints, versus one central point. With traditional weights, the vertical or horizontal motions can cause injury if the form is done incorrectly, due to your arm or legs moving the wrong way against gravity.

With the PowerBands, there are less linear movements since the bands require stabilization. This is a benefit because movements with wrong form tend to be less strenuous and more forgiving. 

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Some workouts are limited simply because our muscles, such as the shoulder blades, aren’t able to protract with full range of motion. Stretching with the multi bands can help improve flexibility and mobility of the muscles. 

Stretching without the PowerBands, can be quite limiting considering there isn’t much resistance when it comes to just using your body. With PowerBands, there are much more different stretches, with various amounts of force, resistance, and angles that a person can do.

For example, when we stretch out by extending our arms out, spinning them in clockwise and counterclockwise motions, we are quite limited with shoulder rotation because our stretches only allow us to rotate inwards.

With resistance bands, we can strengthen our external rotators more by utilizing the extra resistance. Doing this also increases overall posture to prevent slouching. 

group workout stretching

Often Used In Physical Therapy and Recovery

The bands can help people get back into their workout routine with less risk for injury, since there is less impact on the joints, and more isolation of certain muscle groups.

Resistance bands allow the user to workout without the strain that normal weights causes, while allowing for more blood circulation throughout the body. 

Resistance bands are not only used by physical therapist for rehabilitation, but they're also used by occupation therapists, sports trainers, and orthopedists.

Gradually using progressive overload can allow the person to slowly get back in to the routine of an active lifestyle, and train their muscles with less risk for injury. John Hopkins Medicine recommends the use of resistance bands to build bone strength. 

The elasticity of the bands and varying resistance and lengths, allows for many variations of exercises to be utilized in the healing process.

Many different movements and angles can be optimized to each person’s situation. During recovery, it is recommended to go slow and steady, versus going expedient and hard which could potentially cause the injury to return to square one. 

Requires balance and stabilization

The bands will not go in a straight and linear motion like normal weights do. This causes extra resistance that's needed to balance, and stabilize the bands back to center position.

This is a great bonus because more muscle groups are activated in each eccentric and concentric movement, for a more complete and full workout when compared to traditional weights.

It also is more forgiving when there are errors with form, considering that gravity is constantly working against the person. 

guy doing handstand

For Beginners, Athletes, and Pros

Whether you are a novice gym go-er or a IFBB pro bodybuilder, PowerBands can help you build the strength, mass, and toning that you desire. Even if the resistance is not enough to build large mass for the pros, it can still help with building toned muscles and improving mobility.

Becoming more flexible will allow a person to workout with their complete, full range of motion, with helps build more muscle and strength in the long run. It isn't about the quantity of reps that matter, it is mainly about the quality and form. 

Stretching for flexibility and mobility would be helpful for everyone, even if they don’t wish to gain muscle. Injuries can put a person back so far, that all of their hard work would go right out of the window, and they wouldn't be able to go on with their normal routine.